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My Cyber Universe was founded in May 2013 by Arthur Gareginyan, a designer and full stack software engineer. Since then, the website has grown. In September 2016 year Arthur’s wife Milena has been joined in running the website. She is translating articles into Russian language and sometimes writes her own articles.

At My Cyber Universe we specialize in web design, software and web development, but you’ll also see us contributing tutorials, news and opinion pieces from time to time. Main goal is to be the source for anyone who wants to learn the web design, software and web development.

We also offer WordPress plugins and themes such as the My Custom Functions PRO and Author’s Notepad for those of you who are looking to improve their website. All our developments you can find on the page Our programms.

My Cyber Universe is three year old and it have steady rise in traffic. Here are some of our achievements during the past years:

  • Monthly unique visitors: 10,000+
  • Monthly page views: 40,000+
  • Alexa rank: 565,379 Globally & 335,339 in Russia
  • Published posts: 160+
  • Comments: 300+ Thanks!
This is latest stats from the November 2016 report (received from Google Analytics).

P.S. Please let us know if you like our posts or other stuff and would like to use them in any way. We will be glad if somewhere else are published, but not without reference to name of author and/or a link to our website. Thanks!