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  • Set up Microsoft email account on Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch


    To have an access to your Microsoft’s email account from your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch you can use the Microsoft Outlook app available from the Apple’s App Store. But you may prefer to use the built-in iOS Mail app for all your email accounts, like I do. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set up your Microsoft email account (Hotmail, Outlook, Live, or MSN) using the built-in iOS Mail app.

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  • How to check the battery level of Apple Pencil?


    The Apple Pencil provides long battery life (about 12 hours, according to Apple) and charges very quickly. If its battery is low, you can connect it to the Lightning port of your iPad and get 30 minutes of use from as little as fifteen seconds of charging. The 2nd generation Pencil has a brand new charging system that allow you to chard it wirelessly. However, the accessory itself lacks a battery status indicator, which shows the battery charge level. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to check the battery level of your Apple Pencil, right on your iPad (mini, Air or Pro).

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